When you meet a escorts in London – Take things slowly

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A rush date may not be enjoyed

When you are in a rush, you tend to perform tasks with a lot of absent mindedness. Therefore it is worth not to arrange a rush date with a High class London escort if you are in a great hurry. You may come across as inattentive and not possessing the necessary courtesy required for a dating experience. Ladies love to be pampered and attended to sensitively. It is also easy for a posh and elite London escort to respond properly to a relaxed and unrushed client.

A rush date will be time focused and will not concentrate on getting to know each others personality very well. In fact the first date is the most important. If you end up having a rushed up date, you may be tempted to do so in the future too with the same person.

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Any two people are totally different and have completely different personalities and preferences. It takes some time to communicate and to listen in order to get to connect and create a common understanding. Whereas meeting new people is exciting, dates with people we know and understand well tend to be the most fulfilling.

Tantric massage takes things slow

High class London escorts are trained to offer a new type of massage known as tantric massage. It is totally worth trying to go for this new experience. This massage is intended to arouse you to the maximum and also give the most possible relaxing and divine bodily experience that can be achieved by a massage.

The massage parlours contain dimmed up light in order to allow you to relax. The atmosphere inside is created to totally correspond with the type of massage which you will be offered. Expert London escorts from this site link will offer to touch you in a way you find most comfortable. Candles and scents in the air rouse the senses too.

This way you get to learn quite a lot about your body and also experience the pleasure of taking the connection between two people ahead slowly. Massage is offered for both ladies as well as men.

This massage is a collection of ancient techniques practised by either physicians or other massage therapists to address underlying problems which prevent the experiencing of maximum pleasure in individuals.

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A tantric massage can help individuals to identify certain parts of their bodies which are more sensitive. As a result, this massage also heals the body, mind and soul leading to a healthier personality. Emotional problems can be solved too leading to a calmer person. Spiritual realisation is attempted too. A tantric massage can leave you energised for your other daily activities too.

Couples can benefit greatly from massage techniques

Couples who have been together for a long time may want to bring in some more excitement in their current sexual relationship. Learning new massage techniques from high class London escorts can help both experience a blissful way of communication.

Watching an expert from London escort agencies give a massage can help educate the couple on how to offer a massage which will help their partners to experience a truly different and more sensual experience. This can open doors to further experimental. Taking things slow turns out to be beneficial to all couples. 

Types of London escort Services offered in London

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There are two types of escort girls offered in London. This is not in terms of features and beauty, it’s all about where you get to enjoy your time with your escort girl. The two major divisions are out call escorts and in-call call girls. What is more, in London you get to enjoy these two kind of girls. All this is at a reasonable fee. What this basically means is that both services offered by many agencies at a pocket-friendly price. Though the prices might differ, they don’t change by a large margin. It also depends on your escort service provider. With the many escort service providers in London, you have a variety to choose from.


Out call London escort Services By independent escort london.

These are the kind of girls that get to keep you company at any place you choose. This is habitually at hotel rooms or restaurants. For those in this category, you don’t have to move, all you have to do is sit back and wait. Better still, some independent escort in  london  service providers  include transport fees in the amount you pay for an escort. This means that you won’t bear the burden of paying for a cab that drops your already paid for escort girl. This option also gives you the advantage of decorating the room as per your taste. You have all the time to create an ambiance for sex.


In-call High class London escort Services .

For an in-call escort, once hired you have to meet her at her apartment. This is a decent option for the wedded type as well as those who are in town just for a few hours. It helps them avoid the hustle of acquiring a room which might be otherwise costly than the transport fee.

While it is a better option for these kind of people, it doesn’t favour all. For instance, you find your way to the high class escorts London rates are mentioned in these weblinks , so  house unlike in the other option. This is tiring and you might as well be required to foot the transport charge. You also don’t get the chance to customise the room as per your specifications. This without doubt is not the best option for conservative people who want things done their way.



Both services though offered at different prices fulfil customers` diverse needs. An added advantage is that the two are fully legal and you will at no one time be arrested. While there are some independent escort girls that you can pick from the streets they are not as reliable. Remember, those from High class London escorts agencies come as specified and you get to know them beforehand. Before you have an escort girl London at your service, you will have viewed her profile on the respective employers website. If you hire an escort girl from the street, you are in for a few surprises. The girl might be under-age and you are breaking the law . Worse still, you might wake up to find your valuables gone. With no agency to contact, you will be at a loss. Be wise! Make your decisions carefully.


United States Supplanted By China’s Thirst For Oil

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Click one of these fan favorites to get started: Apple ; Google ; Ford . United States Supplanted by China’s Thirst for Oil October 13, 2013 | Comments (1) This segment is from this week’s Digging for Value, in which sector analysts Joel South and Taylor Muckerman discuss energy and materials news with host Alison Southwick. The twice-weekly show can be viewed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It can also be found on Twitter, along with our extended coverage of the energy and materials sectors, @TMFEnergy . The United States appears to be losing its status as the world’s top oil importer, thanks to the colossal turnaround in crude oil production caused by hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling techniques. While China’s 6.3 million barrels per day of crude oil imports are just slightly higher than the United States 6.1 million per day, the trajectory of the two countries’ crude consumption varies significantly. The United States could be the world’s largest crude oil producer by the end of the decade while oil demand drops as fuel efficient cars takeover our highways. Meanwhile, China is in the early stages of unconventional shale exploration, and with a growing middle class, fuel consumption is set to rise precipitously. See more on this topic in the following video. Stocks to buy to play the United States energy bonanza Record oil and natural gas production is revolutionizing the United States’ energy position. Finding the right plays while historic amounts of capital expenditures are flooding the industry willpad your investment nest egg. For this reason, The Motley Fool is offering a comprehensive look at three energy companies set to soar during this transformation in the energy industry. To find out which three companies are spreading their wings, check out the special free report, ” 3 Stocks for the American Energy Bonanza .” Don’t miss out on this timely opportunity; click here to access your report — it’s absolutely free. Alison Southwick and Taylor Muckerman have no position in any stocks mentioned. Joel South owns shares of Ford. The Motley Fool recommends and owns shares of Ford.

The United States Pivot to the Pacific

American flag, courtesy of U.S. Navy/Flickr

A New York Times editorial captured the level of concern regarding Chinas emerging capabilities: Beijing’s drive to extend its military and territorial reach is making America’s close allies in the region nervous and raising legitimate questions about American diplomacy and future military procurement. The commander of America’s Pacific forces recently revealed that China could soon deploy a ballistic missile capable of threatening American aircraft carriers in the region. The Pentagon has a long history of hyping the Chinese threat to justify expensive weapons purchases, and sinking well defended ships with ballistic missiles is notoriously hard. But what should rightly concern American military planners is not so much the missile but the new Chinese naval strategy behind it. China seems increasingly intent on challenging United States naval supremacy in the Western Pacific. At the same time it is aggressively pressing its claims to disputed offshore islands in the East and South China Seas. Washington must respond, carefully but firmly. The Pentagon must accelerate efforts to make American naval forces in Asia less vulnerable to Chinese missile threats by giving them the means to project their deterrent power from further offshore. While some express genuine concerns that China cannot rise peacefully, many others downplay the threat posed by China and weapons such as the DF-21D missile, saying that state-on-state conflict between the United States and China is not likely a result of the so-called Walmart Factor that intertwines the two economies. However, what some observers miss is the fact that China need only make the cost of the United States intervening in western Pacific affairsto counter Chinese threats against Taiwan or Chinas bullying of its smaller neighbors in disputes over the South China Seatoo high that U.S. intervention is no longer a reasonable deterrent option. And increasingly, many observers recognize Chinas approach to protecting its interests and challenging the United States where it supports its core strategic interests demands a naval response, a response that is being operationalized by Chinas substantial naval building program, with some suggesting China has embraced Mahan far more than the United States has. The United States Congressional Research Services Ron ORourke summed up the situation in an article in the U.S.

‘chinese Food’ Is The New ‘friday.’ Except Racist

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While the fast-food industry vigorously disagrees with the recently published report, the researchers say their data supports claims by fast-food workers, who have staged walkouts in 60 cities over the past year to highlight their lack of full-time schedules and benefits like health care and to call for a $15 hourly wage. “People who work in fast-food jobs are paid so little,” Jacobs says, “that having to rely on public assistance is the rule, rather than the exception, even for those working 40 hours or more a week.” MORE: ThenextMost Powerful Women in tech A separate study , also issued this week, directly blames 10 fast-food heavyweights, including McDonald’s ( MCD ), Burger King ( BKW ), Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts ( DNKN ), and Domino’s ( DPZ ), for more than half the total cost of the benefits, some $3.8 billion. McDonald’s alone accounts for $1.2 billion of the cost to taxpayers, the National Employment Law Project study found. The massive burger chain and others use a low-wage, no benefits model that forces workers to turn to the public safety net, the report found. “The seven largest traded companies paid $53 million in compensation to their CEOs, but low-paid workers are unable to afford the basic necessities,” says Jack Temple, author of the NELP report. Other corporations singled out by the NELP were Yum Brands ( YUM ), Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, Little Caesar’s, and Sonic. Berkeley’s Jacobs says that “one of the most surprising findings is that more than two-thirds of the fast-food workers were over age 20, and 68% are the main earners in their families, and more are parents raising a child than teenagers living with their parents.” “The CEO of McDonald’s makes more in a day than I do in a year,” says Devonte Yates, 21, who earns $7.25 an hour at a Milwaukee McDonald’s and receives food stamps. “Taxpayers are basically subsidizing the CEO, who has more money than he knows what to do with, and corporations need to pick up that slack.” In its defense, members of the restaurant industry argue that students make up a big chunk of their core workers and dispute the studies’ findings. “In addition to providing more than 13 million job opportunities, the restaurant industry is one of the best paths to achieving the American dream, with 80% of restaurant owners having started their careers in entry-level positions. In fact, nine out of 10 salaried employees started as hourly workers,” Scott DeFife, the National Restaurant Association’s executive vice president in charge of policy and government affairs, said in a statement. DeFife called the studies “misleading” and accused the researchers of failing “to recognize that the majority of lower-wage employees works part-time to supplement a family income. Moreover, 40% of line staff workers in restaurants, the primary focus of the reports, are students.” Jacobs says that only one-third of such workers are under 19. He also noted the large share of families on public assistance, even those who work 40 hours a week.


So for the fourth year running, were ranking the top 25 food-oriented blogs, ranked according to readership and social media following. Theres plenty of time to argue the merits of what makes a food blog great, be it the amount of breaking news, quality of the recipes, layout, industry usefulness, or wide appeal, but for todays (and previous years) purposes, we took a very objective approach: we tracked down nearly 200 leading food blogs, using “best-of” lists from sites including Saveur and Babble, and then compiled four data points on each of them: the average number of monthly visitors for the past year (using Compete.coms data), and the number of Twitter followers, Facebook fans, and Pinterest followers. To arrive at the final 25, we factored in the number of average unique visitors (this accounted for 50 percent of each blogs score) and the data from the three social media components (which accounted for the remaining 50 percent). The blogs with the highest total scores made the cut. While the list didnt change dramatically from last year, there were a few notable differences. The Kitchn made a leap from number six up to number two, and Picky Palate jumped from number 12 up to number five on our list. Skinnytaste , which ranked third last year, fell to number 10 this year, and David Lebovitz , whose star just keeps rising, jumped from number 11 up to number six. Simply Recipes held onto the top spot for the fourth year in a row. There were also several newcomers, while others fell off the list entirely. This year we welcome Bakers Royale , Chocolate & Zucchini , Elanas Pantry , Food52 , Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef , Simple Bites , and Thug Kitchen to our list, while we say goodbye to Annies Eats , Gluten-Free Goddess, Mommys Kitchen , Our Best Bites , Pinch My Salt, TasteSpotting , and A Year of Slow Cooking. Falling off our list in no way indicates a drop in quality; reasons vary from blog to blog.

Top food blogs of 2013

Mongolian food is not Chinese food. When Gold and her panda friend watch noodles float through the sky like clouds, those noodles are udon. Udon is Japanese food, not Chinese food. At the end, Gold and her friends dance around, again, a Mongolian BBQ. The dancers are made up to resemble geisha and theyre wearing kimonos; geisha and kimonos are Japanese, not Chinese. Oh, and theres a gong at the end. Screenshot from Chinese Food The fact that many Chinese restaurants in America serve foods from more than one Asian country will probably be used in a defense of the video, but thats a straw-man argument. Chinese Food is not racist because it depicts pan-Asian cuisine; its racist because it lazily traffics in racial stereotypes and paints over the distinctions between vastly different Asian cultures with the same its all Chinese to me! brush. Its difficult to tell whether Wilson understands that the song he wrote deals in harmful misinformation, but judging by his earnest responses to Rebecca Blacks success, its likely thats not the case. Chinese Food is another example of the kind of cultural tribute thats harmful even when it lacks malicious intent the reason many Americans still dont understand why, for example, the song What Made the Red Man Red from Peter Pan is racist, or why calling Washington D.C.s NFL team the Redskins is not okay. Theyre not explicitly hateful, of course, or even vicious, but they are ignorant and diminishing towards huge swathes of people, reinforcing ideas about them that are vastly overgeneralized and demeaning. A communication breakdown still exists in the space between the celebration of multiculturalism and the commitment of hate crimes, a space where people mean well and certainly dont consider themselves racist, but still obliviously inflict damage and then refuse to acknowledge its existence or impact. Yesterday, Gawkers Cord Jefferson wrote a thoughtful article that explained how racism exists not just in overtly hateful thoughts and comments, but in the framework of plausible deniability that builds up around racism and how insane that plausible deniability can make people feel. Like those terrible Asian schoolgirl jokes on Seth MacFarlanes new sitcom Dads, Chinese Food can attempt to hide behind the post-racial America argument, the one that says that its okay to exploit stereotypes because they cant do us any harm, not anymore but it will fail. Thats the real danger behind the myth of colorblindness, the myth of post-racial America: the potential for the racism embedded in this confectionery video to be denied and enjoyed anyway. The problem, particularly with a viral video like this one, is that everyone sees it, but not everyone sees the damage implicitly wrought by it.

Food Network Star Alex Guarnaschelli Joins Glad® to Tackle Food Waste in Homes Across America

On one hand, there exists a perception of consciousness and planning around grocery shopping. In fact, most Americans (65 percent) take stock of their home inventory before visiting the grocery store, and the majority of Americans (87 percent) say they are taking steps to preserve their purchases when they return home. But, despite the reported effort, food waste is a reality and a frequent occurrence with two-thirds of Americans (67 percent) throwing away food weekly or more frequently, which most commonly includes leftovers but also typical grocery items. For instance, fruits and vegetables (38 percent), dairy products (29 percent) and bread (29 percent) are the most likely offenders to make it from the fridge to the trash bin. In fact, nearly half of Americans (44 percent) have found an item in their fridge in the past month that they didn’t realize was there. Furthermore, Americans realize that throwing away so much food has negative impacts, but many don’t understand the extent of the damage. More than half (57 percent) recognize that the majority of food waste ends up in landfills, but just 16 percent of Americans link preventing food waste with significant environmental impact. And the environmental damage runs deep: food now represents the single largest component of municipal solid waste reaching landfills where it gradually converts to methane, a greenhouse gas at least 25 times more powerful in global warming as carbon dioxide[1]. Even with this lack of awareness of the environmental impacts, Americans still feel guilty about wasting food. Many people (46 percent) feel the guiltiest related to discarding their foodstuffs given other people could have consumed it; while, nearly one third (32 percent) feel badly about the financial loss for their household when pitching food into the trash bin. The good news: realizing the possibility to reduce waste, Americans are willing to try a variety of methods. Most notably, nearly all of those surveyed (93 percent) are willing to consider storing food properly with wrap, bags or containers[2]. Helping to Provide a Solution: #SAVEITSUNDAY Glad Food Protection recognizes the role its products play in storing and protecting food and is on a mission to do its part to help consumers protect the food they buy, the day they buy it. With the right preparation and protection on shopping day, the food they love could stay fresher, longer.

Eyeworks Usa Promotes Brant Pinvidic To President (exclusive)

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USA ends successful qualifying run

Eyeworks USA co-CEOs J.D. Roth and Todd A. Nelson made the announcement Tuesday. The production company has also named a new board of directors, which includes Roth, Nelson, Pinvidic and COO Ross Weintraub. Pinvidic’s promotion comes on the heels of multiple successes for the production company, which produces unscripted and nonfiction programming for broadcast and cable networks. Positioning Pinvidic as president is intended to give Roth, Nelson and Weintraub the ability to focus on business strategy, both globally and domestically. Now, with hundreds of employees, and hundreds of hours of programming in development and production each year, we need a superstar with great sales and producing experience, infectious enthusiasm and a genuine love for our business who can work with us to lead Eyeworks USA,” said Roth. “We know Brant is that guy, and were thrilled to continue to collaborate with him, creating content that moves people and can change their lives in a real way. Added Pinvidic: JD and Todd built a company focused on growth, creativity, and what is the key to the kingdom for Eyeworks USA: transformation — and theyve never been afraid to take risks or to be noisy. Being part of the fabric of the global Eyeworks organization, we are better positioned for growth than ever before. “I have been working closely with Brant Pinvidic since he joined the Eyeworks team five years ago. Brant is an outstanding creative and the right man to spearhead the exchange of his unique brand of creativity with our international sensibilities,” said Reinout Oerlemans, CEO and founder of Eyeworks Group. During his time at Eyeworks USA, Pinvidic has developed dozens of shows, including ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss, Spike TV’s Bar Rescue and Oxygen’s My Big Fat Revenge. Prior to joining the company, he was senior vp programming and development at TLC, where he helped launch several series, including Jon & Kate Plus 8. Eyeworks USA also produces Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell, Discovery’s Flying Wild Alaska and ABC’s Splash, among others.

Video: What’s your favorite stadium for USA World Cup qualifiers? But for their part, in the end, securing a spot in their seventh consecutive World Cup was fairly straightforward for the Americans, in spite of the inherent trickiness of qualifying from the grueling hexagonal round in CONCACAF. The win over the Canaleros improved the USAs record in the double round-robin, six-team final stage to seven wins, a tie and two losses, easily clinching their third straight hexagonal title — if there were such a thing. The Yanks won six of their last seven games and earned their place at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil with two games to spare. FIRST 100 YEARS Relive USA’s greatest moments through their 100 year history. Thats what emboldened Klinsmann to travel down to Panama with a seriously threadbare side. He was already without Michael Bradley, Fabian Johnson and Omar Gonzalez because of injuries and Clint Dempsey because of low fitness. But following Fridays 2-0 win over Jamaica, the German coach also sent starters Landon Donovan, Jermaine Jones, Matt Besler and Tim Howard back to their clubs. So the Americans arrived at kickoff with just one probable World Cup starter in Jozy Altidore. The wisdom thereof seemed questionable. Why not nurse that hard-won momentum? Why not run out as much of the first string as possible when its quite clearly in need of more seasoning if it is to become a bona fide contender for the World Cups knockout rounds? Why not give them another 90 minutes to work on that pacey soccer Klinsmann envisions? Then again, utilizing the last competitive game before the World Cup to test the understudies and those on the bubble for the Brazil roster against an eager opponent — Panama had to win to stand a chance of qualifying, while needed Mexico to lose — had its merits, too.

Jpmorgan Said To Settle Cftc London Whale Trading Probe

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ICBC bond: latest step on London’s road to RMB dominance

(JPM) has agreed to pay about $100 million to resolve the Commodity Futures Trading Commissions probe into the firms botched derivatives bets last year, according to people briefed on the matter. The deal, which would bring the banks total settlements in the episode to more than $1 billion, may be announced as early as this week, the people said, asking not to be named because the talks were confidential. The accord would resolve a CFTC assertion that the trading amounted to a manipulative device, the people said. CFTC Chairman Gary Gensler and Joseph Evangelisti , a spokesman for the company, declined to comment. JPMorgan agreed last month to pay $920 million to resolve related U.S. and U.K. probes into its internal controls and handling of the trades, which inflicted at least $6.2 billion in losses last year. The New York-based firm said at the time that the CFTC also threatened to bring a case. That inquiry had looked into whether the trades manipulated markets, a person with knowledge of the matter said then. The accords dont end all of the investigations of the transactions managed by Bruno Iksil, the Frenchman known as the London Whale because of the size of his bets. The Securities and Exchange Commission has said its inquiry remains open while the U.S. Justice Department runs a parallel probe.


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Children’s Book By Robbie Robertson Introduces Kids To Music Giants

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How YouTube and music companies reach Generation C

“There are surprisingly few venues in the area, especially in Takoma Park, which has always had a big music culture,” said Danny Wells, the restaurant’s chef and partner who grew up in the area and lives nearby. “Takoma Park misses having that in the community.” Republic, which is still under construction at 6937-6939 Laurel Ave.,will have two spaces suitable for hosting local bands: A front window for smaller acts, and a larger back patio with a garage door that opens the space up to the rest of the bar and restaurant. Wells is waiting until the space is a little more finished to test the acoustics, which will determine the types of bands that he’ll be able to accommodate.He’s working with the nearby House of Musical Traditions to identify bands that would be a good fit. Republic is designed with the preferences of Takoma Park in mind, Wells said, down to the name: Given the neighborhood’s independent streak, locals have long called the it ” the Republic of Takoma Park .” That means a wide selection of vegetarian dishes to appeal to the neighborhood’s meatless eaters, as well as a raw bar, which is what people expect of the seafood-focused Black Restaurant Group, which also owns Pearl Dive and BlackSalt , among other restaurants. Wells also plans to have elevated bar food for late-night concertgoers. “It’s going to be a step up from what most people get when they go listen to music,” he said. The restaurant, which will seat 70 plus an additional 20 on the patio, is being decorated in what Wells called “Takoma style,” a manner of decor that is “hard to put into words.”"It’s a unique community,” he said. “It’s offbeat and eclectic and our design intent follows that vein.” Maura Judkis is a reporter for the Weekend section and the Going Out Guide. Some of her other publications have included U.S. News & World Report, TBD.com, ARTnews, the Washington City Paper and the Onion A.V. Club. Follow her on Twitter . The Post Most:Entertainment


(Tundra Books / October 15, 2013) By Randy Lewis October 16, 2013, 6:00 a.m. A new book from the Bands lead guitarist and songwriter Robbie Robertson, Legends, Icons & Rebels: Music That Changed the World (Tundra Books, $35), is impressive both for the concisely illuminating text and richly evocative illustrations, both of which are designed to help entice young people into the world of influential pop music. But on a level few kids will be aware of, much less appreciate, its equally if not more imposing for the accompanying double-CD set featuring tracks from each of the 27 profiled artists, a broad range of heavy hitters including the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, the Beach Boys, Hank Williams, Sam Cooke and others. It’s a roster that likely would have been impossible to assemble for anyone less widely esteemed than Robertson, who is also a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member. In fact, it was no picnic for him and his collaborators either. Comparing the challenges of choosing artists, determining what to say about each and finding fitting illustrations to accompany the text versus licensing the music, the music was way, way harder — and more unpredictable, said talent manager Jim Guerinot, who developed the book with Robertson and his son Sebastian along with Robertsons manager, Jared Levine. According to the book’s introduction by Robertson, the project began when his son was working part time at a childrens recreation and learning center, and noticed that they didnt respond to the average, pandering childrens music near as much as they did to really good songs performed by great artists. So the quartet of lifelong music aficionados began to work together to create a book that could introduce and inform kids about artists whose music has shaped the world around them. The list of those included stretches back as far as jazz innovator Louis Armstrong and journeys from jazz (Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald) to Great American Songbook pop (Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole), primal rock (Presley, Chuck Berry, Little Richard) to R&B and soul (Ray Charles, James Brown, Curtis Mayfield) to country (Williams, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline) to classic rock (Dylan, Carole King) and reggae (Bob Marley). The connective thread, beyond the essential quality of the chosen recordings, was focusing on music created by those Robertson refers to as the original risk takers, extremely unique, and tremendously influential to future generations. The 128-page books descriptions of the artists, while short and to the point, is colorfully revealing. Ray Charles, for instance, redefined rhythm and blues with his personal brand of high-energy ultra-groove, a comment complemented by a quote from Frank Sinatra saying Ray Charles is the only real genius in the business. Of Joni Mitchell, whom Robertson famously backed on her recording of Raised on Robbery, the book states, Rather than focusing on political and social issues like traditional folk artists such as Woody Guthrie, Joni wanted to tell stories that spoke to personal, human truths and her songs revealed quite a bit about her life. Her romances, her neighbors, and the daughter she had to give up for adoption all found their way into her songs. The tracks selected for each artist, not surprisingly, are kid-friendly choices including the Beatles Here Comes the Sun, Cashs Get Rhythm, Mitchells The Circle Game, Billie Holidays Lets Call the Whole Thing Off and Marleys Rebel Music. The illustrations were created by 15 different artists. All four authors will appear at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 16, at the Barnes & Noble store at the Grove, 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles. Robertson also will be a guest on Tavis Smiley’s show Wednesday, Oct.

For the record company, the value of the music video is largely promotional, much like traditional radio. Although YouTube doesn’t sell music, it can expose a song to its 1 billion monthly users. If the song is a hit, some portion of the viewers will spring for a download from iTunes , Amazon.com or a similar service. And even if they don’t buy the song, YouTube and the record company share in the revenue from ads that accompany the video. The idea for the collaboration was hatched at a dinner last March attended by executives of Warner Music and YouTube, a unit of Google Inc., who were attending the South by Southwest music and media conference in Austin, Texas. Warner Music executives were looking for ways to reach consumers known as Generation C a term Google uses to describe people ages 18 to 34 who watch online video, visit social networks and blogs and use tablets and smartphones. ON LOCATION: Where the cameras roll “We were trying to figure out this new concept of how to reach Generation C, how we connect with fans on a much deeper level,” said Jeremy M. Holley, Warner Music Nashville’s senior vice president of consumer marketing. Working in partnership with YouTube, Warner Music embarked on a rare musical joint venture between its recording artists and the musicians who have cultivated their fan bases on the site. Warner contacted seven YouTube creators whose musical styles were compatible with those of Warner Music Nashville/Atlantic Records singer-songwriter Hayes and Atlantic Records artist Mraz. It invited Tyler Ward, Kina Grannis, Peter Hollens and other YouTube notables to record cover versions of “Everybody’s Got Somebody but Me,” which were incorporated into the original song to produce a new track. The resulting musical collaboration served as the sound track for a music video, “The Hunter Hayes YouTube Orchestra featuring Jason Mraz,” which debuts exclusively on YouTube, before the anticipated release of the official music video this month.

Fitch Places United States’ ‘aaa’ On Rating Watch Negative

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United States Steel Corp. Now Covered by Analysts at Credit Suisse (X)

sovereign’s cost of funding and cost of capital for the economy as a whole, and the implications for long-term growth. – Our assessment of the prospects for further deficit-reduction measures in future years necessary to contain government deficits in the face of long-term spending pressures and place public debt on a downward path over the medium to long term. KEY ASSUMPTIONS Fitch continues to believe that an agreement will be reached to end the current political impasse and raise the U.S. debt ceiling. Even if the debt limit is not raised before or shortly after 17 October, we assume there is sufficient political will and capacity to ensure that Treasury securities will continue to be honoured in full and on time. Fitch’s federal debt projections reflect its economic and fiscal policy assumptions and were detailed in the Special Report, ‘U.S. Medium-Term Fiscal Projections – An Update’ (dated 28 June 2013; see link below). Subsequent to that analysis, the Bureau of Economic Analysis revised the level of GDP up by around 3.4% due to revisions in the way GDP is calculated, including reclassifying spending on R&D and intellectual property as investment. This has had the statistical effect of lowering debt/GDP ratios, but has not significantly affected the trajectory of debt dynamics or its sensitivity to shocks. Since the June review, Fitch has revised down its forecasts for GDP growth for 2013 to 1.6% from 1.9% and for 2014 to 2.6% from 2.8%. Fitch’s medium-term fiscal projections incorporate assumptions regarding the medium-term growth potential of the US economy and do not incorporate potential upside benefits from shale gas or downside risks emanating from the eurozone and elsewhere. They draw heavily upon Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projections, including CBO assumptions and judgements regarding the take up of various benefits as well as the rate of growth of health care spending.

Egypt: Relations With United States in ‘Turmoil’

The suspension, announced last week, came in response to the unrest in the wake of the July 3 military coup that ousted Mohammed Morsi, Egypt’s first freely elected president, and that led to the deaths of hundreds in police crackdowns. In an interview with state-owned Al-Ahram newspaper, Egypt’s Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy said that there is “unrest in relations” between the two countries, warning that the strain could affect the whole Middle East region. The interview was published Wednesday. However, Fahmy said he was “not worried about this turmoil in relations,” because it’s also a chance for the two to “better evaluate their relationship in the future.” The Obama administration’s decision to cut off military aid was meant as a warning that it no longer can be “business as usual” with Cairo, as President Barack Obama put it last week. In announcing the decision, the State Department did not say how much of the $1.5 billion in annual military and economic aid to Egypt was affected. It held up the delivery of Apache helicopters, F-16 fighter jets, M1A1 Abrams tank kits, which are put together in Egyptian factories, and Harpoon anti-ship missiles. But the U.S. decision is more of a symbolic slap than a punishing wound to Egypt’s new military-backed government for its slog toward a return to democratic rule. The military-backed government enjoys the support of wealthy Gulf Arab states such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. These oil-rich states have poured billions of dollars into Egypt’s anemic coffers and to continue the common fight against Islamists. The U.S. also is withholding $260 million in cash assistance to the government in Cairo until “credible progress” is made toward an inclusive government set up through free and fair elections. The U.S. said it will keep providing support for health and education and counterterrorism, spare military parts, military training and border security and security assistance in the volatile Sinai Peninsula. Near-daily attacks against Egyptian security forces and soldiers in Sinai have increasingly resembled a full-fledged insurgency.

On average, analysts predict that United States Steel Corp. will post $-1.38 earnings per share for the current fiscal year. X has been the subject of a number of other recent research reports. Analysts at BMO Capital Markets initiated coverage on shares of United States Steel Corp. in a research note to investors on Tuesday, September 17th. They set a market perform rating and a $19.00 price target on the stock. Separately, analysts at Wellington Shields initiated coverage on shares of United States Steel Corp. in a research note to investors on Wednesday, September 4th. They set a hold rating on the stock. Finally, analysts at Zacks upgraded shares of United States Steel Corp. from an underperform rating to a neutral rating in a research note to investors on Wednesday, August 7th. They now have a $18.00 price target on the stock. Three analysts have rated the stock with a sell rating, eleven have given a hold rating and two have issued a buy rating to the stock.

The United States is still getting rid of its chemical weapons

“This applies especially to the USA and Russia.” The United States estimates it will be at least another decade before it completes destruction of the remaining 10% of its chemical weapons, estimated at more than 3,100 tons. Russia has more than five times that amount left to destroy, according to the OPCW. While it’s unclear exactly how many chemical weapons Syria has, U.S. intelligence and other estimates put its chemical weapons stockpile at about 1,000 tons stored in dozens of sites. Syria’s chemical arsenal at a glance The storage igloos at the Utah depot where munitions were stored and the destruction facility, in the background. The United Nations has given Syria until mid-2014 to destroy that arsenal and U.N. weapons inspectors have expressed optimism that this deadline can be reached , despite having to dart in and out of battle zones amid Syria’s bloody civil war. Wade Mathews, who once worked on the U.S. project to destroy its chemical stockpile, isn’t so sure that Syria can meet that deadline. He said the U.S. effort took billions of dollars, the cooperation of many levels of government — including the military — and a safe environment to make sure the destruction was done safely. “We had a coordinated effort, we had a government that insisted that it be done safely and that the community was protected,” said Mathews, who now works with the Tooele County emergency management team, which makes sure the Utah community is aware of the project. “I don’t think those things are in place in Syria.” Mathews briefly worked at the Desert Army Chemical Depot in Tooele, a desert town bracketed by mountains outside of Salt Lake City where 43% of the nation’s chemical weapons were once stored.

Usa Today Sports’ Week 6 Nfl Predictions

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Eyeworks USA Promotes Brant Pinvidic to President (Exclusive)

Do Saints stay undefeated? Post to Facebook USA TODAY Sports’ Week 6 NFL predictions on USATODAY.com: http://usat.ly/1g2FdX0 Incorrect please try again A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Sent! A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. 1 To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs USA TODAY Sports’ Week 6 NFL predictions Staff report, USA TODAY Sports 10:42 a.m. EDT October 13, 2013 DeMarcus Ware (94) and the Cowboys hope to plant RG3′s Redskins on Sunday night. (Photo: Ronald Martinez, Getty Images) SHARE 10 CONNECT 5 TWEET 1 COMMENTEMAILMORE If the Dallas Cowboys had merely split with the Washington Redskins last season, America’s Team would have reached the playoffs. But Robert Griffin III and Co. swept their way to the NFC East crown by beating the Cowboys for the second time in Week 17. The division looks wide open again with Cowboys, ‘Skins and Eagles all saddled with three losses but still within a half-game of each other. The Redskins didn’t get their first W until Week 4 then went on bye. But winning in Dallas on Sunday night just might give them sole possession of first place by Monday morning.


Crowd breaks into emotional YES WE CAN chant. Players stop at tunnel to applaud fans. Stunning roger bennett (@rogbennett) October 16, 2013 Things weren’t looking up for Panama in the middle of the second half, as Mexico equalized with Costa Rica and the United States found one of their own in the form of Orozco. It’s a long match, though, and Tejada worked his magic in the 84th minute to put Panama on the brink. As noted by ESPN’s Jeremy Horton, the goal had a chance to be historic for Panama: Wow…Luis Tejada with a historic (?) goal for Panama. You remember him…he had coffee with RSL a while back. Jeremy Horton (@espn700jeremy) October 16, 2013 At about the same time, Costa Rica took a decisive 2-1 lead over Mexico that it would not relinquish. If Panama could hang on, it would get the honor to face New Zealand in a two-leg playoff with a spot in Brazil on the line. Zusi and Johannsson killed that dream past 90 minutes. Brad Davis found Zusithe hero Friday night for the U.S. against Jamaicafor an equalizer in the second minute of added time, and Johannsson followed suit with a strike off an assist from substitute Terrance Boyd. And thus, rumors of the U.S. trying to oust Mexico by throwing the game away were greatly exaggerated. As noted by Football Shirts on Twitter, El Tri owes the U.S. a debt of gratitude: Dear USA, thanks for keeping our World Cup dream alive – Mexico pic.twitter.com/ohPPNiOctd Football Shirts (@FootballShirts) October 16, 2013 Fox Soccer Trax thinks the late-scoring pair are already national heroes in Mexico: Zusi and Johannsson, meanwhile, become national heroes in Mexico. What a strange, strange ending to this hexagonal.

USA vs. Panama: Score, Grades and Post-Match Reaction

( GCI ) today announced Dave Morgan has been named president of USA TODAY Sports Media Group. Morgan succeeds Tom Beusse, who had been president of USA TODAY Sports Media Group since its formation in 2011. Beusse is leaving to pursue other opportunities. Morgan has served as senior vice president of content and editor-in-chief of USA TODAY Sports Media Group since 2011. USA TODAY Sports Media Group, a top five online sports destination, includes sports initiatives across USA TODAY as well as Gannett’s more than 100 U.S. Community Publishing and broadcast television properties. It also includes: USA TODAY Sports Images USA TODAY High School Sports For The Win Sports on Earth USA TODAY Sports Digital properties, which consist of hundreds of digital sports assets including The Big Lead family of sports sites, MMAjunkie.com and the action sports destination BNQT. “We look forward to Dave continuing the work Tom started by building USA TODAY Sports Media Group into the top source of sports news and information in the country,” said Larry Kramer, president and publisher of USA TODAY. “Dave’s newsroom experience and business background make him the right fit to lead our sports team as we transition from entrepreneurial startup into the next phase of development. “Tom’s energy and enthusiasm were key to the initial stages of building USA TODAY Sports Media Group into a top five digital sports destination. We wish Tom all the best in his future endeavors,” said Kramer.

Dave Morgan named President of USA TODAY Sports Media Group

Eyeworks USA co-CEOs J.D. Roth and Todd A. Nelson made the announcement Tuesday. The production company has also named a new board of directors, which includes Roth, Nelson, Pinvidic and COO Ross Weintraub. Pinvidic’s promotion comes on the heels of multiple successes for the production company, which produces unscripted and nonfiction programming for broadcast and cable networks. Positioning Pinvidic as president is intended to give Roth, Nelson and Weintraub the ability to focus on business strategy, both globally and domestically. Now, with hundreds of employees, and hundreds of hours of programming in development and production each year, we need a superstar with great sales and producing experience, infectious enthusiasm and a genuine love for our business who can work with us to lead Eyeworks USA,” said Roth. “We know Brant is that guy, and were thrilled to continue to collaborate with him, creating content that moves people and can change their lives in a real way. Added Pinvidic: JD and Todd built a company focused on growth, creativity, and what is the key to the kingdom for Eyeworks USA: transformation — and theyve never been afraid to take risks or to be noisy. Being part of the fabric of the global Eyeworks organization, we are better positioned for growth than ever before. “I have been working closely with Brant Pinvidic since he joined the Eyeworks team five years ago. Brant is an outstanding creative and the right man to spearhead the exchange of his unique brand of creativity with our international sensibilities,” said Reinout Oerlemans, CEO and founder of Eyeworks Group. During his time at Eyeworks USA, Pinvidic has developed dozens of shows, including ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss, Spike TV’s Bar Rescue and Oxygen’s My Big Fat Revenge. Prior to joining the company, he was senior vp programming and development at TLC, where he helped launch several series, including Jon & Kate Plus 8. Eyeworks USA also produces Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell, Discovery’s Flying Wild Alaska and ABC’s Splash, among others.

Hollywood Glamour In Tokyo For Film Festival

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“It is not normal for someone to be running naked down Hollywood Boulevard,” said Hollywood police Lt. Osvaldo Perez. “I think that’s what spiked the other guy’s attention.” During the pre-dawn tussle, Cherry was shot in the stomach. He was pronounced dead at Memorial Regional Hospital, said police. Police have identified the man who shot Cherry as Duke Laguerre, 29. He told detectives he was driving west on Hollywood Boulevard between 5 and 5:30 a.m. Oct. 6 when he spotted the nude man. He passed by him, then turned around and went back, he told police. Police have provided no details of what Laguerre told them of his encounter with Cherry. There was no indication they knew each other, said police. Laguerre has not been charged in the shooting. At his family home in Miami Gardens, his mother declined to speak on the record.

Jandei Cherry

Works from Iran and Georgia will be among those on offer, alongside several Chinese-made feature films that have been nominated for two competitions. The international film section will award the “Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix” and carries with it a $50,000 pay-cheque, while the new “Best Asian Future Film Award” section, aimed at showcasing Asian and Middle Eastern films, offers a$10,000 purse. The nine-day event begins on Thursday with the screening of Hong Kong horror flick “Rigor Mortis” directed by Juno Mak, which is in the running for the “Asian Future” award. US heavyweight father-and-daughter pairing Francis and Sofia Ford Coppola are likely to be a big draw for punters, with Sofia’s latest directorial offering “The Bling Ring” being shown in the special screening section for high-profile films. “Since the very first TIFF in 1985,… (it) has been a platform for talented young filmmakers to win international recognition and find inspiration,” organisers said in a statement. Past award winners include Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu, whose film, “Babel” won the Prix de la Mise en Scene, (Best Director Award) at Cannes in 2006, and Michel Hazanavicius, whose film, “The Artist” won five Academy Awards in 2012. Chief judge, Chinese director Chen Kaige, said in a video message: “We all understand that good films require talent. Without talent nothing can be done. “But sometimes I feel like… there is something even more important thanthe talent, which is the unique personal understanding of the world. “But strange(ly) enough… most of (the) time we could only find this kind of unique understanding of the world in the early age of a filmmaker’s career. So that’s why we want to pay very close attention to young filmmakers’ works,” he said.

Media Journal: With Sony Deal, Netflix Becoming Vital Hollywood Customer

From WSJ reporters around the world. Search Corporate Intelligence1 October 15, 2013, 8:55 AM Media Journal: With Sony Deal, Netflix Becoming Vital Hollywood Customer Click here to receive this newsletter each morning by email. RISKY BUSINESS: Sony Pictures Television struck a deal to produce a new series for Netflix , in the latest sign that the online streaming service is becoming an important customer for Hollywood, WSJ reports. Sony is the first major studio to strike a deal for a new show House of Cards was made by an independent, Media Rights Capital, while Orange is the New Black came by way of Lions Gate, also not a major despite its considerable name recognition. The Sony deal comes amid continued uncertainties in the industry whether Netflix is friend or foe for Hollywood. If Netflix truly encourages cord cutting, then its certainly not a friend to the cable network side of entertainment empiresand after all, thats the side that makes most of the money for these companies. Sony, while an important producer of TV shows such as Breaking Bad, doesnt own any big cable networks in the U.S., though, so it doesnt have to worry about this issue. The other big question is whether studios can make money from Netflix, which as a long-term, on-demand video service undercuts Hollywoods after-market business. Details of Sonys deals arent known. But this is clearly going to be something other studios have to figure out. WALKING DEAD: Whoever thinks zombies are a passing fad for TV and Hollywood likely wasnt tuned into the fourth season premiere of AMCs The Walking Dead Sunday, which drew a total of 16.1 million viewers, WSJ reports. More in the full post.

Hollywood writes true toy story for Astoria entrepreneur

Exclusive... 51230979 Singer Jessica Simpson heads to Newport, Rhode Island to be a bridesmaid for her friend publicist Lauren Auslander

Howard Simmons/New York Daily News What separates Eni from the Rubiks Cube is that this mind-bender requires your full concentration, its Queens-based inventor says. I knew it was going to get in because it was all over the place, she said. It got on camera and it got a lot of placement. Neasi said the films cast became enthralled with the puzzle; once, she spotted Curtis (50 Cent) Jackson fiddling with the Eni on the set. Sebazco and his family have been working for the better part of a decade to build this puzzle and popularize it. He commissioned his father-in-law and brother-in-law, a manufacturer and rocket scientist, respectively, to design the product in 2005. It took five years of prototypes to get it built, patented and ready for the market. Sales of the family invention have steadily grown since its inception, in 2010. Regular clients include the Guggenheim, the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. To date, he has sold more than 100,000 units, he said. The toy retails for $9 to $15, depending on its size. Sebazco hopes that his retro brain-teaser will balance out the touch-screens that seem to dominate childrens attention.