Hollywood Glamour In Tokyo For Film Festival

“It is not normal for someone to be running naked down Hollywood Boulevard,” said Hollywood police Lt. Osvaldo Perez. “I think that’s what spiked the other guy’s attention.” During the pre-dawn tussle, Cherry was shot in the stomach. He was pronounced dead at Memorial Regional Hospital, said police. Police have identified the man who shot Cherry as Duke Laguerre, 29. He told detectives he was driving west on Hollywood Boulevard between 5 and 5:30 a.m. Oct. 6 when he spotted the nude man. He passed by him, then turned around and went back, he told police. Police have provided no details of what Laguerre told them of his encounter with Cherry. There was no indication they knew each other, said police. Laguerre has not been charged in the shooting. At his family home in Miami Gardens, his mother declined to speak on the record.

Works from Iran and Georgia will be among those on offer, alongside several Chinese-made feature films that have been nominated for two competitions. The international film section will award the “Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix” and carries with it a $50,000 pay-cheque, while the new “Best Asian Future Film Award” section, aimed at showcasing Asian and Middle Eastern films, offers a$10,000 purse. The nine-day event begins on Thursday with the screening of Hong Kong horror flick “Rigor Mortis” directed by Juno Mak, which is in the running for the “Asian Future” award. US heavyweight father-and-daughter pairing Francis and Sofia Ford Coppola are likely to be a big draw for punters, with Sofia’s latest directorial offering “The Bling Ring” being shown in the special screening section for high-profile films. “Since the very first TIFF in 1985,… (it) has been a platform for talented young filmmakers to win international recognition and find inspiration,” organisers said in a statement. Past award winners include Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu, whose film, “Babel” won the Prix de la Mise en Scene, (Best Director Award) at Cannes in 2006, and Michel Hazanavicius, whose film, “The Artist” won five Academy Awards in 2012. Chief judge, Chinese director Chen Kaige, said in a video message: “We all understand that good films require talent. Without talent nothing can be done. “But sometimes I feel like… there is something even more important thanthe talent, which is the unique personal understanding of the world. “But strange(ly) enough… most of (the) time we could only find this kind of unique understanding of the world in the early age of a filmmaker’s career. So that’s why we want to pay very close attention to young filmmakers’ works,” he said.

Media Journal: With Sony Deal, Netflix Becoming Vital Hollywood Customer

From WSJ reporters around the world. Search Corporate Intelligence1 October 15, 2013, 8:55 AM Media Journal: With Sony Deal, Netflix Becoming Vital Hollywood Customer Click here to receive this newsletter each morning by email. RISKY BUSINESS: Sony Pictures Television struck a deal to produce a new series for Netflix , in the latest sign that the online streaming service is becoming an important customer for Hollywood, WSJ reports. Sony is the first major studio to strike a deal for a new show House of Cards was made by an independent, Media Rights Capital, while Orange is the New Black came by way of Lions Gate, also not a major despite its considerable name recognition. The Sony deal comes amid continued uncertainties in the industry whether Netflix is friend or foe for Hollywood. If Netflix truly encourages cord cutting, then its certainly not a friend to the cable network side of entertainment empiresand after all, thats the side that makes most of the money for these companies. Sony, while an important producer of TV shows such as Breaking Bad, doesnt own any big cable networks in the U.S., though, so it doesnt have to worry about this issue. The other big question is whether studios can make money from Netflix, which as a long-term, on-demand video service undercuts Hollywoods after-market business. Details of Sonys deals arent known. But this is clearly going to be something other studios have to figure out. WALKING DEAD: Whoever thinks zombies are a passing fad for TV and Hollywood likely wasnt tuned into the fourth season premiere of AMCs The Walking Dead Sunday, which drew a total of 16.1 million viewers, WSJ reports. More in the full post.

Hollywood writes true toy story for Astoria entrepreneur

Howard Simmons/New York Daily News What separates Eni from the Rubiks Cube is that this mind-bender requires your full concentration, its Queens-based inventor says. I knew it was going to get in because it was all over the place, she said. It got on camera and it got a lot of placement. Neasi said the films cast became enthralled with the puzzle; once, she spotted Curtis (50 Cent) Jackson fiddling with the Eni on the set. Sebazco and his family have been working for the better part of a decade to build this puzzle and popularize it. He commissioned his father-in-law and brother-in-law, a manufacturer and rocket scientist, respectively, to design the product in 2005. It took five years of prototypes to get it built, patented and ready for the market. Sales of the family invention have steadily grown since its inception, in 2010. Regular clients include the Guggenheim, the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. To date, he has sold more than 100,000 units, he said. The toy retails for $9 to $15, depending on its size. Sebazco hopes that his retro brain-teaser will balance out the touch-screens that seem to dominate childrens attention.