Liza Minnelli Performs With Broken Wrist At Benefit Concert In New York

Concert to raise money for Nashua’s West Pearl Street Mural Project

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Ext. Proceeds from the concert, titled Old, New and Sometimes Blue, But Always Jazz, will benefit a historic mural project that will eventually be displayed behind the parking lot of TD Bank on the corner of Main and West Pearl streets. The public art project, to be painted by Nashua mural artist Barbara Andrews, will depict a view of West Pearl Street from 1909.The colored mural, named Vivians Dream, will stand about 40 feet by 35 feet. It is designed to enhance downtown Nashua by offering residents, businesses, restaurant patrons, shoppers and visitors a historic public art experience, according to a release. The jazz concert will include performances by Pam Purvis, Bob Ackerman and Tim Maynard. We are delighted that Pam and Bob have donated their time and wonderful talents, coming to Nashua from the New Jersey/New York area, to help us bring a significant piece of public art to downtown, said Marjorie Bollinger Hogan, president of City Arts Nashua. Purvis sings and plays keyboard, while her husband, Ackerman, plays piano, saxophone, clarinet and flute. Maynard is a percussionist from Massachusetts. Purvis and Ackerman have eight recordings, and have performed all over the nation, in Europe and Mexico, according to a release. We want our music to swing and get you moving, but we are also interested in the subtleties of color, harmony and nuance, Purvis said in a statement. I want you to see and feel the images in the song. I come from a part of the country where there is a lot of color and energy. I hope youll find these things in my singing. The concert is being sponsored by Nashua Community Music School, Nashua Radisson Hotel and Darrells Music Hall.

But that didnt stop the diva from performing with her sister for the first time in 20 years. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Comment Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Despite a broken wrist, Liza Minnelli performed with her sister, Lorna Luft, for the first time in 20 years during The Actors Fund And Tower Cancer Research benefit concert on October 14 in New York City. The show went on for Liza Minnelli. A spokesman for the 67-year-old entertainer said she performed Monday night with a broken wrist at a benefit concert in New York. Liza Minnelli reportedly broke her wrist in three places during a rehearsal at her home Sunday. Minnelli broke her wrist in three places while rehearsing at home Sunday. The “Cabaret” star performed with her sister, Lorna Luft. The event marked their first performance together in 20 years since their duet at the 1993 Tony Awards. Minnelli returned to the hospital for further treatment immediately after the performance at the jazz club Birdland benefiting the Women’s Health Initiative and the Dr. Philomena McAndrew Fund of Tower Cancer Research Foundation.