Some Of Most Pirated Movies Not Even Available Legitimately: Report

3 Movies That Could Break Avatar’s Box Office Record

Open the app and youre ready to shoot straight awaytheres nothing pestering you for any login credentials. In familiar Vine fashion, a finger on the screen is all you need to string together a series of shots, with a maximum length of 30 seconds. Then you can apply one of 10 filters to the clip and add a soundtrack from your phones stash of tunes. The whole thing gets saved to your camera roll in full 720p with options for sharing on all the usual suspects. Sparks clearly trying to find the sweet spot between simplicity and functionality. All three of its main componentsthe ability to easily make videos with multiple shots; the filters; and the ability to add a soundtrackare transformative enough that youll probably use them for everything you make in the app. Still, Sparks definitely more of a place to record video than edit ittheres no way to move or remove shots within a clip, for examplethough that quickly gets into unwieldy territory. One thing the app should let you do, though, is pick what part of a song you want to add to your project. Right now, it just stubbornly starts every musical selection up from the top. Still, it feels like Spark gets a lot of things right. Its as lightweight and easy to use as the iPhones stock camera app but ultimately far more powerful. And one key way it sets itself apart from other lightweight video-making apps is that it lets you revisit and rework old clips at any timeto swap in a new filter, try out a new tune, or tack a new bit of video onto the end of the sequence. With Spark, you can have an on-going project for a road trip while jumping out to do a new vignette for every individual rest stop along the way. At first its not really clear that its a feature of the app, says Dominique Yahyav, the IDEO designer who led the effort.

Movies based around comic books have the advantage of a host of villains that characters can face off against. Sequels rarely feel forced. Still, the movie Gravityis proving that well-done 3D films can still be a huge box office draw. It drew a reported 84% of ticket sales from 3D showings this weekend. If the nextAvatarcan up the ante and receive rave reviews from critics and viewers, it could ride the momentum from the original to big box office results. Out of left field There you have it, three films that could challengeAvatar’sbox office record. However, keep in mind that few sawAvatarbecoming a threat for the box office record before its release. Likewise,Titanicwas seen as a potential bust before its release. It faced a grueling production schedule and was the most expensive film ever made at the time. Yet, it more than validated the cost of production and surpassed all expectations. The moral of the story? While it’s fun to handicap the success of future films, the next box office champion is probably something that has yet to be thought up. From the box office to winning stock picks Every good investor wants to build that perfect portfolio that they can set and forget forever. Fortunately, it’s easier than anyone ever knew. We’ve uncovered the pillars of such a portfolio today and we’re willing to share The Motley Fool’s 3 Stocks to Own Forever . Simply stated, we think they’re the best stocks for true long-term investors to know about, and you can uncover them for free today, instantly; just click here now . Eric Bleeker, CFA has no position in any stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool recommends Walt Disney.

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If you ask, most of these pirates will probably mention the same reason for downloading a movie illegally it was not available legally. Corroborating this statement is a report by The Washington Post that points out to a website called that shows whether or not popular movies being downloaded are available via legitimate means or not. The website mashes up the list of 10 most pirated movies that TorrentFreak releases every week along with data from CanIStreamIt, a search engine that lets users find legit sources of buying or renting movies. Getting into the depth of piracy One look at the website and youll probably know what exactly is going wrong with piracy. Over the past 3 weeks, says the website, only 53 percent of the most-pirated movies have been available legally in one digital format or the other. Only 20 percent of these have been available for rental or streaming. None of the movies in the list had been available for legal streaming. Currently, in the list of 10 movies, four movies White House Down, Elysium, the Mortal Instruments City of Bones and 2 Guns are not available either for streaming, digital rental or digital purchase. Only three movies in the list The Lone Ranger, After Earth and This is the End are available for both digital rental and purchase. Whats worse, most of these movies do not even end up getting released in India. Digital rental and purchase is still a nascent concept in the country and piracy is therefore the go-to option for most in the country. The same holds true with television shows that have a bustling fan base in India. Till the TV channels manage to air the heavily edited versions of television show seasons, most would have already downloaded and seen the show in its entirety. There are two main issues that the movie and television industry would do well to look at. One would include setting their house straight in countries that allow for streaming and have digital rental available widely.